Saatchi Art Announce Winners Of Motion Photography Prize, AKA The Best GIFs Online | The Creators Project

Gifs are now becoming recognized as an art form! Great News.

Had a great but really tiring day photographing the Easter & Spring Festival of Football at Bognor Regis May Day 2013 working with Rayner Photo yesterday! 

Brilliant weekend photographing the Tigers Rugby Challenge 2013 in Skegness!

Photographing the beautiful Dakota today for my University Project, she was a lot of fun to work with, thank you Jason Brown for letting me steal her for the day!

Photographer Jason Brown let me follow him around Marwell Wildlife park today! He taught me how to take photos of animals in the wild and what settings are best to use on my camera. 
He also taught me the best times to visit the enclosures and what times the animals will be at their most active. 

I got to shoot The RAG Ball yesterday with photographer and close friend Jake Ratcliffe! It was awesome!

Had my first shadowing experience with wildlife photographer Jason Brown today! He showed me the correct angles to take photos of animals and how to shoot animals in motion. He brought his lovely dog Dakota along so that I could practice taking photos of her!

Thank you SO MUCH to everybody who came along to our opening night tonight. It was amazing, over 100 people… Don’t forget, our work will be on the walls at the arts lodge cafe until late next week so if you’re still to have a look, you know what to do! 

Opening Night!

Its the Big event today! I’m hoping for a good turn out!

Everything is set up for the opening night!

Group meeting today!

The big opening day is tomorrow!

The school workshop hasn’t gone to plan and has been cancelled.. 

Its the day before the workshop and I’m really swamped with work, I’m not sure I’ll be able to make it! I also don’t have a CRB.. I’m not sure how well tomorrow will work out!

Flyers have gone out today for our event everywhere!